Friday, February 24, 2012

Create See Through Text In Photoshop.

Last night I spent waaaay to long
looking up ways on how to make an image
appear through the text in Photoshop,
(for my header banner)

let's just say that there are multiple
ways to do it, but this way is by FAR
the easiest.
Its so simple its stupid.
I came up this idea on my own,
after thinking, 
"Heavens, there
has GOT to be an easier way to this."
There totally is.

Ok, so start with your image
and figure out what size it is.
Make a new image and make it 
the size the exact same as your picture image.
Then on your new blank image, write your text.
I made mine in really large black font
to fit the whole space practically.
Then under the LAYER menu
It will make the text and the background
one picture.
See how, in your layers the text layer
is gone it is all now the background.
Then drag the words image over the picture
image, that you want to see through the text.
You will want it to cover the whole picture.
Then zoomed in super close at like 200%
I select the MAGIC ERASER tool.
This tool erases anything that is the same color.
I select each letter individually and click.
So being that my text is all black, it will erase 
my text color but leave the shape and
show the image that you have covered up.
Basically, creating a stencil, of sorts.
Then you will go to FILE > SAVE AS
and save your image as a JPEG.
Because you are doing SAVE AS > JPEG, no matter
how many layers you have, your image will be 
saved as one item, not multiple layers.
If you are looking for a little more contrast,
you can change your original
"new image" FILL COLOR,
under EDIT > FILL

Ta Da! 
Hope this helps
anyone out there.
Let me know if you have any questions!

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