Monday, February 27, 2012

Easy & Delicious Aspargus Recipe

So guys, I guest blogged over at my friends blog
the other day.
So fun!
And heres what I said:

Hello! Frame Tales readers.
I am so excited that Tess has asked me to 
guest blog over here.
Today I am going to share 
a super delicious way to make 
Every time I make this vegetable,
(which is all the time, now)
everyone seriously, raves.
I am not joking, people are like doing 
the "mmm" thing when they eat my food.
(a vegetable at that)
I only thought people made those sounds
at the dinner table, in the movies.
Surprisingly, it is not so.
Its so simple its ridiculous, and so worth trying.
So worth it.

I start with 2 bunches of Asparagus,
(I really only buy them if they are $3 ea or less)
And then rinse them off and, 
chop about 3 inches off the bottoms.
Then I arrange them on my pan,
like so. I drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
(EVOO if youre a Rachel Ray fan)
Then sprinkle salt, about 1tblsp.

Then I cook them in the oven at about 
350 degrees for aprox 20min, 
but I like mine nice and crispy at the 
tops and super soft on the stem.
These are seriously divine.
I usually pair mine with rice
and chicken or fish, or steak if we're 
feelin really fancy.

But really, they are so good, and the flavor
is soo versatile (think heavenly broccoli,)
 that they could be used as the veggie side for any meal really.
My husband and I will eat all of them.. 
They are that good.
Oh, and my 3yo even eats them,
now, that, is a good veggie recipe.

Hope I have inspired you to eat healthier (sorta.)

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