Monday, March 19, 2012

Get Perfect Eyebrows

Dear MAC Cosmetics,

Thank you for making me believe that this eyebrow pencil is worth the $15 it cost.
Because it totally is. I am a believer for life.


Color: Fling.

You guys! 
Everyone either fills in their eyebrows, or they don't. 
There is no in between.
I, naturally, have light to barely there brows.
People (The Hus) used to tell me I over-tweezed..
I don't. They are naturally that way.
My Mom's, My Sister's.
Ours are all like that, its genetic.
I have always yearned for thicker, bolder, more defined 
brows. Brows make such a big impact on the face,
shaping it beautifully. But alas, not my lot in life I suppose.
Lucky for me, I am a girl, and we have makeup,
to literally "make up" for what we are lacking..
(oh and you thought makeup meant : 'to get made up', it means that too)
Anyway, this pencil is a godsend. I have light hair
and needed something that looked natural.
Here it is folks.
Worth every one of those fifteen hundred pennies.
My secrets out.
Hope that helps anyone out there.
Oh and ps, if you are like me,
dont wait, years to go to the makeup 
counter and ask.
Just do it..
Totally worth it.

And here is a great video on how to shape them
just right.

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  1. Your so funny and fiiine I will finally go buy an eye brow pencil. I know you wrote this for me ;)


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