Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Posting In Real Time

This is what I look like and how I
feel right now.
Minus the comic book effect.
Fresh out of the shower, hair not brushed,
thrown in a bun.
Not a stitch of makeup on, or deodorant,
(am I the only one who doesnt wear it before they go to bed?)

 And then this guy shows up...

Ps dont mind the horrible quality pics
from the comp.
The thing cost me like 200 bucks and is missing
half the keys, ok.
Oh and the milk spilling out of babes face..

Tonight Im feeling a little defeated,
a little stressed, overwhelmed, and a lot tired.
The house is a mess and I have been 
stuck in a barf cage the past 3 days.
You know, I could pretend that my life is great and
fabulous and wonderful every single minute of every single day,
but Im trying to keep it real folks.
Ive got piles of laundry to do, a bicycle in my bedroom,
oodles upon oodles of projects that are half done, 
the house needs to be vacuumed, bad.
And I have zero motivation to do any of it.
So, instead, Im blogging about it.
Therapy I suppose.
Maybe I'll go make those brownies,
since The Hus just cleaned the kitchen.
He's a good catch.
Im feeling better already.

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  1. oh man "barf cage " that was a good one. That got me!


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