Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Buy & A Feature

You guys!
I am so excited to say that my
has been featured on Tatertots & Jello!

TT&J is a big name in the blogosphere and Jen 
really knows her stuff. 
What she has done with her blog is 
what, I imagine everyone who starts a blog, hopes
to achieve. I know I do.

I just cant believe I got featured!
I am just so happy, and had to share!

Also, I was looking for sleepers for the mini 
and lets be straight, Im not usually huge fan of 
the baby (boy) selection at Target. 
(now, girl stuff, i wish those were in my size. adorbs.)
I normally find my selection of clothing
at our local H&M.

But today, I was pleasantly surprised.
These little 2packs are only
And they perf for a boy.
Not cheesy, or too "baby-ish."
They zip, which is a plus.
Snaps are so out (read: annoying)
Pretty stylin if you ask me.
And 2 for $8.99.
Steal. City.
And, if you havent noticed,
I am a big fan of stripes,
so granted, I loved these pants.
They are super cute in person,
so much so that they were sold out...

Looks like Im not the only one 
loving these Circo deals.
Hope you guys snag some up!
(at your own Target, please)

Glad I could be out there, scouring the globe, 
(the globe, the plaza, same diff) 
to find all these great 
and fashionable deals for you all!
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  1. Very awesome! Congrats! Loving your blog. You have some really great ideas! Now following. Also thanks for stopping by my blog would love for you to follow back! :)


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