Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Wardrobe, Link Party & (another) Feature

Holy Smokes Folks!
Can I just say 
2 Features in like 2 (basically 3) days?!

homemade crafts

This is amazing! 
I. Am. Floored.
Just Friday Tatertots & Jello featured moi,
now, another huge name in the blog world,
featured my blog post as well.

Ok, enough of my gushing with gratitude,
although, I dont think anyone can ever
be too grateful for anything.

Now, if I could just get on the 
Martha Stewart show, 
(and publish a craft book, and make a jewelry line, and travel the world)
 then my life would be 

Moving on to my 
Weekend Wardrobe,
Heres what I wore:
Inspired by matching colors and mixing 
I love a good print mix, but decided to go 
matchy matchy with 
the color scheme today.
Although, I do think gray heathered tights
are a bit of a risk.
I love risks.
This lovely printed 
Anthro skirt.

Gray tights and matching 
gray top.
(ps please dont mind my,
" the husband is still at meetings and the baby is crying and 
needs to be fed and I have to get the toddler ready,
so we're not late for church, so I guess I will
throw my hair in a braid."
hair do.. thanks)

Black embellished cardi.

Paired with black
bootie pumps.

You guys know the drill,
heres the part where you link up and
put what you wore, and next week I 
highlight and feature my favs...
The problem with last weeks link party, is well,
you guys didnt link up....
2 weeks in a row, you guys are almost as stubborn as me.

With that being said, I am opening up my
link party to 
and the only requirement is that it 
has to be something, you made (or wore).
So, link up ladies and gents, and let
the games begin!

Please, link back using my button, and give some 
comments out too!

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  1. cool/exciting Janean!! Good job! I do have some pics of what Erika wore but not me sorry:/


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