Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Update: Cookie Oreo Brownies

My sister and I challenged each other
to make something form one of our 
Pinterest pinboards.
For my item to be re-created from Pinterest,

I mean, really, who wouldnt want to make that?
And I totally needed an excuse to do it,
because, ladies and gentlemen, 
It. Is. Sinful.

Ok, so I pretty much followed the instructions 
Well, basically I skimmed the how-to part
and winged it. I didnt use aluminum foil like her
(which I should have)
and I also didnt have fudge brownies just
regular ones. I think both of those things
might have made a difference.
But nonetheless.. I mean, come on,
how bad can it be? We're talking 
brownies infused with Oreos and chocolate chip cookies.
Really, not that bad, not that bad at all...

Non stick sprayed pan. Used my
hands to get the cookie
dough into corners.

Oreos on top of dough.

Brownie mix poured on all of it.

The result.
I added caramel sauce which
I highly recommend.
Ok, so my thoughts are:
A) I needed ice cream with this...
B) I needed fudge with this...
C) I really should not be eating this...

These are really good, but I dont think you can taste the
Oreo as much as I would have liked to, but its still pretty
good (how can it not be??)
Pretty fun for my first Pinterest Challenge with
The Sis. I hope we can keep it up.
(Im talking to you, Charity)

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  1. haha. yeah i know. didnt think you would do this so fast!


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