Friday, March 2, 2012

15 Minute Mirror Makeover

As I was looking around my house 
and just itching to change something.
I found this to be very daring, but 
sooo rewarding.
I chose a focal point, or like basically
 a major player in my living room design,
and changed it. 
I'll be honest, I was nervous, but with a 
little nudge from my friend, I just did it.
Threw all caution to the wind.
And I am very happy with the results.
Its a little hard to tell from the pic,
but it is a world of difference, a much 
more rustic feeling.

I used my mantle over the mirror, which can 
be seen in pretty much all my mantle decor

Fall Mantle

This mirror, seen above, was one we purchased
from our local Home Goods, for like 20 bones or 
something crazy like that. 
Major steal for a mirror.
The reason being, it was a really ugly gold
color (sorry dont have befores..)
and I spray painted it silver.
Man, I loved that silver for a long time.
But as of late I have been very inspired by

Now, I dont have ginormous chandeliers
hidden in Teradactyl sized birdcages

But boy, would I love to.
Anyway, this was the next best thing.
A little dark wash on my mirror.

I mixed together some dark brown paint with
black, watered it down, got out a rag,
slapped on a apron, and then got to work.


I dipped my rag in the paint/water solution.
My solution was probably 60/40 with the paint on the 
heavier side.
It was so easy, it was unbelievable. 
I made sure to just swipe, and swipe and 
wipe. If I found it got to dark, I just kept rubbing it down,
If it wasnt dark enough, I added a little more elbow grease
and more solution.

Action shot!

I did this project on my kitchen floor, 
so it could be easily cleaned if we made a mess, we did not. 
Also, I thought about taping up the mirror, 
but like I said, caution was out of the picture, 
and luckily, we didnt get anything on the mirror 
that couldnt just be easily wiped off with some Windex.
I let it dry, which was like 15-20 minutes, and at this point,
you could do another coat, if you desired, but it didnt need it.
And then hung it back up on the wall.


This was probably, the easiest and most fool proof
project I have done to date.
I couldnt believe how quick and easy it was and
how much I love the results
I love so much how the dark wash,
now really highlights the details in the frame.
I love projects like this!
So simple, start to finish 45min, tops.

Now, I just to take a good picture during the day.
Dont worry, I will update.
But for now I need some sleep...

Hope I inspired you!!

update photos:

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