Thursday, March 8, 2012

Boys DIY Knock Off Designer Chevron Shirt

If it wasnt for Pinterest, I must say,
that I wouldnt be as fashionably cultured as
I have recently become, and my house, would
be a whole heck of a lot cleaner.

With that being said, I stumbled upon this
amazing childrens clothing line.
I was immediately, pinning everything and thinking
 like, "where have you been 
all my life with your glorious childrens clothes?"

Oh, thats right, out of my budget.
I fell in love with this shirt.

But at a price of $25, and a 
whopping 8 bucks, for shipping, 
for a grand total of $33, for a shirt hes going 
to wear to the park and ruin with in a couple months.
I thought,
Psh, I can make that.
(oh, the famous last words of a crafter...)

So I went to Target and bought me a cheap $5
gray boys shirt, with a pocket. 
The pocket sold me, really. And Im a sucker for gray.
Oh, and it was 5 bucks.

Then I quickly made a chevron pattern
on my Silhouette,
 and ran some freezer paper through it.
If you forgot how amazing freezer paper is, 
you can read about it here.

Next I went to work laying out my pattern,
and ironing it down to create a stencil 
on my shirt

And then filling it in with fabric paint.

Then I peeled away the freezer paper to reveal my work.

I made my pattern a little different, plus I really
wanted a zag across the pocket.
I absolutely love it. 
And am considering making quite
a few more. 
With bleach this would be pretty rad too.
 Dont mind if I do.

Not bad if I say so myself.
Pretty good for 5 dollars.
And start to finish, including multiple interruptions,
the whole project took like 2 hrs.

Its a size bigger than he normally wears,
because A) it will shrink, and B) I want it
to last as long as its little cheap cotton body
will let it.

Trust me, he loves it.
Hes sad here, because we were at the 
tail end of our photo shoot and he just
found out he has to take it off.
*Insert tantrum*

Hope I inspired you to do a knock off today!!

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  1. Nice job! Doesn't it feel great when you save so much money and it's really even better because your little one knows that it is something you made for him?! I'll have to check out the link next to see what other pieces of inspiration I can find.


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