Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday

I thought Id share an old post
from the personal blog,
from when I was pregnant with the first
babe. Just over 4yrs ago.

Oct 2008
So considering it has been cooler weather here and hopefully will stay on that downward path, I went out today to buy more maternity clothing and a few pieces more 'weather appropriate', and had an interesting epiphany. I LOVE Maternity stores! I know weird right? I thought they were like the death store but now I have much appreciation for them... Here's why. Today whilst shopping I first went into a 'regular' person store (i.e. without child) and let me tell you two words, de-press-ion, ok make that three words.
Anyway, I tried on long sweatery shirts (you know the ones im talking about) in larger sizes, hoping that would do the trick but when you're in one of those Asian owned stores, that only buy clothes from Asia (or LA same thing) a Large is like a normal persons small. I'm pretty sure they only make clothes for people over 18 with eating disorders, or if you dont have a curve on your body which mine used to not... except on the lower half, but I never bought pants there, im not that dillusional.

Moving on, I went to try things on and since I had Mark with with me, I made him my 'sound board' (techy guy name for 'girlfriend of the day') so as my sound board he had to sit right outside the girls dressing room, and was not happy about it, because he said he felt like everyone was staring at him wondering "whats this perv doing here hanging around the girls dressing room?" But for me, he did it. So I would come out with the various tops on to seek his opinion, but because he is a guy, and this was a girl store, I had to come all the way out of the dressing room for him to see me, and EVERYONE would stare at me, like whose the pregnant 15 year old?? (because most people there were 15.) Yeah embarassing. I tried staring back at them to make them feel awkward so they would look away, but.. teenagers right? Needless to say, I left the store empty-handed and disheartened. Mark, noticing my suicidal ora, suggested we give the maternity store a shot. Begrudgingly I agreed. To my amazement, It was like HEAVEN. Almost everything fit... or was too big (bonus) I scored awesome jeans and a few cute tops. It was wonderful. On a funny side note, I put on that fake belly they have in the dressing room that adds 4months (so you can see if stuff will fit down the road when your in the early months) and came out with one of my shirts on for Marks opinion, and he just shook his head and said no to the shirt, I laughed and took it off and then showed him the shirt without the extra belly. Then he said this "I think that size shirt fits better, the other one made you look HUGE." What?? I thought to myself, is he joking? "Babe, what do you mean? its the same shirt." What?? (mass confusion on his face) "I was using this!" I replied busting up with laughter and holding the little belly. It was hilarious, he really thought I was that big. "Oh, well that makes more sense." It was pretty funny. It was nice to be in that store and know 1) It was totally normal to be pregnant... they want you to be. And 2) That the fake belly doesnt even apply to me anymore, ive only got 2 months left. Hooray.

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