Thursday, March 15, 2012

I blog in my sleep

How I keep sane??
Should be, how I make myself crazy.
So, I dont really blog in my sleep, 
but I do, keep myself up at night.
Tossing and turning in my bed
thinking of how to make my blog better,
what I should post about, how to be 
more organized, how to make my blog beautiful,
and clever and witty things to say.
I really do.
So I hope you enjoy my pre-meditated changes and wit, 
as Im sure they will occur quite often.
(especially the wit)
Oh and appreciate the fact, that I am a Mom,
and get farted on, pretty much in the face, by 
my 3yo boy as I write this...

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  1. hahahaha! This cracked me up!

  2. Ha.. this made me laugh :) Boys.. so silly.


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