Thursday, March 22, 2012

Super Blonde

So I got my hair done today
because we have family pics on Sat.
I .am. stressin guys.
Its like, "gotta make sure everyone looks
good and we match, but not too matchy,
and we gotta make sure the colors of everyones
outfits go together and I gotta bring
snacks, food for babes, props."
Fun stuff. 
I am a stresser.
I just am.
I wish I could be easy going, but being 
easy going feels so.... irresponsible.
Sickening, right?
New blondeness
I know the hair looks kinda blown out
in the pic, but that color is pretty close to real life.
Baiscally, If was a super hero, my name would be
 Super Blonde.
 Anyway, hoping the kids dont fall asleep on the car ride
to our desitnation and wake up crankier than a Janean
on any given morning..(true story)

Here are some examples of what Im hoping
we get out of this weekend.
Replace cute little girls though with adorable
little boys, and Im hoping we find a
gorgeous wild horse roaming around.
(Ha, not likely) 

wow this would make a great pic!!  

boho love 


Cool idea for photos - maybe with maple leaf confetti? 

Wish us luck!
And let me know if you have any
fam takin pics tips.. I need em.
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