Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rainy Day Inspiration

Today, its pouring outside,
Im talking, cats & dogs, giraffes, elephants,
rhinos, octopi, you catch my drift.
Borderline, Seattle WA. 
(ive never been, it just looked really rainy
all the time, when they went there on The Bachelor.)

In elementary school. when it would
rain, I kinda loved those days, when we
played bored games for indoor recess.
(now that im an adult, im sure teachers hated it...)

I still love the rain. It doesnt happen
much in our neck of the woods,
down in sunny southern california.
(go ahead, hate me)
But when it does, I love it.
So today I am inspired by it and really
loving the rain inspired designs I am finding.

Get Well Soon Card

 Cloud Stools

Cloud Pillow

Cloud Book Shelves


Make your own clouds

I hope I have inspired you to
look for the silver lining today!


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  1. I must have that pillow! Where did you find it?

    1. on pinterest. you can find it on my pin board titled "randoms" if you arent on pinterest, msg me and i can invite you!! xoxo


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