Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anthro Sale Alert

Its that time again when Anthropologie makes their clothes affordable enough to buy a lot of them. Here are a few of my favs and some great deals that went on sale today.
Click on the images to shop the sale!
Happy Hunting!

Sky & Sand Bikini Top $69.95

Sky & Sand Bikini Bottoms $69.95

Matrix Melt Bikini Top $49.95

Matrix Melt Bikini Bottoms $49.95

Newsprint Bikini Top $59.95

Newsprint Bikini Bottoms $59.95

Rickey Bikini Top $59.95

Rickey Bikini Bottoms $59.95

Darlene Dobby Skirt $29.95

Adjacent Angles Blouse $49.95

A Novel Tee $39.95

Inked Flora Skirt $29.95

Click on the images to shop the sale!

Repetitious Wear Tee $39.95

Bisected Stripes Top $29.95

Sun-Soaked Shift $69.95

Stone Tassel Earrings $39.95

Curved Cassia Earrings $29.95

Gilded Needlework Earrings $19.95

Little Feather Earrings $19.95

Click on the images to shop the sale!

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