Monday, April 23, 2012

Make It Monday

It has been too long since I last posted a craft or DIY-ness. So, to keep myself dedicated to always at least doing something crafty. Mondays are now, Make It Monday. Today I have tackled my lovely sweat pants.
I bought these sweat pants thinking they were so cute. That I might actually be able to wear them outside once in a while. You know, like when I go to drop off the babes at preschool, or run to the grocery store. Or perhaps, to the gym. If I ever got around to getting a pass, and then using. Anyway, I had great plans for these pants, they were going to be a staple in my hottie mom wardrobe. They were the perfect fit. Then, I washed them, and first time in the dryer, boom, they shrunk. Well great. Now I couldn't wear them anywhere, except around the house. I was super disappointed.
Said, pants have been like this for a while now. I'm talkin months. Now,  I have found the perfect solution. I have turned them into capris!! What a novel idea. I was so proud of myself for thinking of this.
Obviously, seeing that I am blogging about it.

To find the perfect length, for me, instead of putting them on, and then trying to bend over and mark just the right length, or measuring, I took the easy slash smart way out. I got out a good pair of capris, that I like the length of. Laid them over my pants, and just cut straight across.
Afterward, I folded the pants together, like so, to measure the legs and make sure they were the same length as each other.

They were not the same length. They were about an inch off.
I cut said extra inch off and then they were perfect. I was so pleased with the result and this was so easy. Probably 15min, start to finish. And now I have expanded my hottie mom wardrobe once again.

I am so glad that I don't have to throw these out, give them away, or be embarrassed to wear them.
Crisis averted.
Hope I have inspired you to take a second look at something you don't wear anymore, because it has shrunk or lost its luster.
Here's to breathing new life into old clothes!

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