Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

Fam Bam is in town,
so we have spent the last couple days
outside at the pool and the beach,
 enjoying the gorgeous weather out here
in sunny southern California.
(i love the way, that rolls off the tongue,
and apologize ((kinda)) to my friends that
had snow the other day, Im talkin to you KWB,
you know who you are...)

With that being said,
I guess karma is well, karma,

and I got burned.
Let me explain, first of all, I have come to
terms with the fact, that I am a fair skinned
lady, and the sun and I are not besties.

One time when I was in 6th grade, I laid out on my friends
deck, with her and her sister (who were of mexican descent)
and we used BABY OIL.
Great for a couple of brown girls, but poison for a whitey.
Baby oil, is not sunscreen, and I dont easily tan.
It takes me like all of summer burning to get even 
kinda tan, and by that time, summers over.
Needless to say..
my shoulders BLISTERED for weeks.
So, I have learned to not go out with Mr. Sunshine
unless we're using protection.
SPF 100 please.
So, how did this happen today?
Well, my mother offered to spray me with sunscreen.
And it worked. 
In stripes.
Stripes I tell ya.
The fronts of my legs and a few spots on feet,
burned. A couple areas on the backs of my legs, burned.
Im talkin to the point where you put aloe on 
and you can smell it cooking from the heat of my yours legs.
Super gross right.
Oh, thats never happened to you before?
Lucky you.
I have already taken 2 doses of medication
and could possibly use a Vicodin right about now.
(Ok, not really, but maybe)

Moral of the story? 
It coulda been, dont trust your mother,
but instead, its 
apply your own sunblock,
because the same thing happened to my sister...
on her back, where I sprayed her.
Maybe next time we'll plan better
and learn from our mistake.
I hope you can learn from mine, and watch out for 
that first burn of summer.

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  1. My poor spotted friend, at least it isn't frost bite :)

  2. Stumbled upon your blog and really like it. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas.


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