Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cut It Out

Who can identify this slogan?

I am working on being healthier.
Its a work in progress.
But I DO think wearing a tank top and 
booty shorts all day while I clean the house and 
let my self tanner
 set in, really helps me
be self conscience. I mean, I really thought about eating a grapefruit 
for lunch. Anyway, I have decided to make myself be held
accountable for something as far as being healthier goes.
I have decided to cut something out of my diet.
I have seen a lot of people doing it, and as I walk by a mirror
in said tank top and booty shorts, I have become determined to take some steps. 
I have decided to cut soda out of my diet.
I should also be committed to doing sit ups once a day,
but Im not wonder woman.
If I was really amazing I would cut everything out except water..
Im not.
So I asked The Hus to join me, because A) its nice to have someone 
to hold me accountable and B) misery loves company.
Convo went as so..
"Hey babe. So, I have decided that I am going to cut something
out of my diet. I chose soda. You should join me."
"Because, its kinda fun. Its like a challenge, and you can be my partner."
"Babe, like what?"
"I dont know, some people do red meat. You could do chocolate,
so you dont have to cut sweets out all together."
"Thats dumb."
"Why do I have to do this?"
"Well, you dont, if you dont really care about your body."
"Babe, what do you mean? Im already committed to working out
4 days a week. Just let me focus on that."
"Babe, its not that hard. Its like one thing. Its not a whole diet change."
"Fine. Skittles. I will cut Skittles out of my diet."
"Skittles? That doesnt count. When do you ever eat those?"
"I dont."
"Riiiight. Pick something else."
"Ok fine. Soda. I pick soda too."
Whatever... that was harder than I thought it would be.
So, now we are both committed to not drinking
soda for the rest of the year.
My mom will be so proud.

On a tangent.
Here's what Im listening to right this very second.


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