Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To Tweet or Not Tweet? That is the question.

You know, I used to have a Twitter account.
That's right I had jumped on the bandwagon
a couple years ago.
But then I thought, Im married and Im a mom.
Im not in school where I need the latest updates
on what my friends are eating for lunch and 
where the happenin parties are. 
Or whos going to the bathroom right at that very minute.
At this stage of my life, tweets from my friends
would read stuff like:

"Organic is the best! Love @TraderJoes"
"With my peeps at the park."
"#storytime @carlsbadlibrary"
"putting down the babes. #nostalgia #nurseryrhymes."
"beach day"

I have decided that until Im famous and need to have
one specific venue where I can reach my fans,
and tell them the rumors aren't true. That the baby isnt mine
(like the biebs)
then there's really no reason for me to tweet.

Or is there?
Im curious, what do you use Twitter for
and do you find it to be a useful avenue?
What are you reaching out to people for?
Let me know your thoughts!!
And dont forget to enter the scrabble tile necklace giveaway.
Contest ends Friday.

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  1. Personally I was always against seemed so narcissistic. No one cares what you are doing every hour of the day, I always said self-righteously "I don't tweet, I'm not a Twit". Then low and behold I started a business and my sister signed us up for Twitter...I told her she would have to cover that portion of the business. She got swamped and I broke down and joined the "twits". I realized I had misjudged it, it doesn't have to be a play by play. You have to keep it brief so people actually get to the point (yay!). I still am not very active, but I don't hate it anymore either...

    What I like best is when people use it to genuinely share their favorite products or experiences and not just another avenue for spam. Then you have a hint of the real connection that people really crave (Wow she loves Trader Joe's as much as I do, etc) or at least a good suggestion for a fun activity (z.B Storytime at the Library).

  2. I felt the same way as Jane. I think if you're only promoting yourself, it's a little self-centered. But if you're promoting a business or blog, you can reach a lot of people really easily. Think of the people who might only use twitter. you could get them to read your blog.


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