Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Trends and H&M

I live for those moments in life,
when I can escape the house 
and be Janean again. 
Today, I got to escape to our 
local H&M and I made out like a bandit.
I bought 3 tops...$5.95 each.
A striped one, a bright pink one,
and a polka dot one.
Some mint (ish) pants, at $12.95,
and a pair of orange flats for $12.95, also.
A couple of outfits for under $45. Not bad.

Spring 2012

This is how I can see myself wearing those
tricky mint pants.
And it makes me super excited for Spring!


Spring 2012 by janeandavis featuring flat shoes

H M puff shoulder shirt
£3.99 -

H&M slimming pants
£15 -

H&M flat shoes
£7.99 -

Urban Outfitters chain jewelry
$29 -

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