Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Hoppy Easter Everyone!
I hope you have baskets full of goodies
and get to hunt some eggs.

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Speaking of hunting,
 we just watched The Hunger Games tonight,
and let me be honest, my friends were right.
I should not read those books.
I have a soft heart.
I cant stand to watch people get tortured
or killed in movies or books.
It just makes me sick.
War movies, no thanks.
News, no thanks.
That darn freaking commercial with the
starving and neglected cats and dogs....
so sad, no thanks.
But plastic surgery shows, no problem.
Face lift, sure.
Nose job, I squirm a little, but still watch.

Moving on.

Sometimes, when I am sick, I think
about how sexy my raspy voice is, and wish I
was a smoker, so I could always have that sexy voice.

Every morning The Hus and I  have
a competition as we lay there in bed, to
see who can hold out the longest as the
babe wakes up.
I win 98% of the time.
The Hus, hes such a softie and can only
last about a minute before he gets up with the kids.

I love that guy.

XOXO Janean
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