Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Last week I weighed myself and I was 
just about 10lbs over weight. It was really depressing, to say the least. 
I mean, Easter was good, but it wasn't 10lbs good! So, I starved myself
all day. By starved myself, I mean ate nothing but candy and cupcakes all day. 
Then I weighed myself again the next morning just to check. 
I was back to my normal weight. 
Weird slash Whew..
Im thinking I read the scale wrong, or it wasn't working or something crazy like that. 
Or it was the candy. Ha! 
Glad I dodged that bullet.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no pain like 
that the pain that is coupled with humility. I came to this conclusion as I was putting on my elastic headband 
and snapped myself. Right in the eye. 

I have also, come to the conclusion, that there is 
no greater motivation to get yourself  into shape than
seeing yourself in a 12 way mirror in the dressing room 
while you are trying on swimwear....
Heaven help us.
That little epiphany has lead to a commitment to 
100 squats at least 3x week.
Gotta start somewhere right??

So, whatchya got?
Make it a good one. I love reading them!

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