Monday, May 21, 2012

Make It Monday: Cooler

I am trying to make the most of visiting family and, so are the people I'm visiting. They are putting me to work.. Ok, not really. It was blistering hot here in the desert highlands of Salt Lake City the other day. My sister and I were slaving away. I was helping her clean her house (because I am a fabulous person) and we decided to turn on the ceiling fan. Bad idea. All of the sudden, hot gusts of wind were upon us. The fan seemed worthless. It was just taking all the hot air in the room that had collected in the vaulted ceiling and was blowing it down on us. Not good. If it hadnt had been for a discussion The Hus and I had just had about ceiling fans, I would not know there was a solution to our problem. So, apparently, there is a switch on ceiling fans. Said switch, supposedly changes the direction of the blades. In our situation, we obviously needed them to go the other direction so that the hot air would not blow down on us, but so the fan would bring cold air to our sweaty faces. Well, the fan was pretty high up, her ceiling has to be at least 20ft high. Insert ladder. And here's how our conversation went.
"Charity, you got a ladder?" " Yep. But I don't think its tall enough."  "Sure its tall enough. Add about 5ft to it, I mean I am like 5'8"."  "Right."  "So, let's give it a try."  "Janean, I don't think it has a switch."  "Charity, of course it has a switch. Only one way to find out though."

Well, we found the switch, see that little switch in the bottom left picture? We just slid that  bad boy over. Gave it a whirl, (once I had moved out of the way) and presto! Perfectly cool air. And her fan got a little needed cleaning as well. Like our little cheerleader? He loved watching the fan. One of the best things about a ceiling fan in a baby's room? Its a major 2fer. Doubles as a mobile. My kids will fall asleep just mesmerized by those things. Works out great on a hot summer afternoon.
Well, I hope I inspired you to see if your ceiling fan has a switch!
And to be cool.
(pun intended)
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