Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Confessions: Nerd Alert

I must confess,

The Hus says I look like a cute nerd,
who needs contacts.
Thanks Babe.

In third grade I was in an X-Men Comic Book Club with my friends. Which later evolved into a Spy Club. Really we would just get together and swim in my friends pool and read those comic books. I love Science and always have. Especially Astronomy.  I have even downloaded a constellation app for my iPad. It works depending on where you are located. It will tell you exactly what constellations are in the sky above you. I really want to invest an excellent telescope. I think it would be awesome to star gaze.   Don't worry, I'm not planning on spying on the neighbors. That's just creepy.
I used to want braces SOOO bad. All my friends had them in middle school and I felt super left out. Oh middle school, you tricker, you. Turning everything in the world upside down and backwards. Little did  I realize how lucky I was to not need braces...
My favorite channel for the longest time was Animal Planet. I used to want to be the first person to see a live giant squid, in its natural habitat. And the first person on Mars. One summer I went  to a political camp. WHO does that?! Nerds. But that's ok. I have since come to terms with my nerdyness.
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