Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Been A While aka Don't Ever Move Unless You HAVE To

Dear Friends,

I apologize for the MIAness lately. Since moving I have been without Internet for the past five days. The upside, I have been quite productive during the day. The downside, I have had to be productive during the day. .. Jk, Jk. But at nights I have been able to unwind to our lovely and extensive movie collection of about 30 movies. Well, I got through the chick flicks that never get old pretty quick. Sound of Music, Devil Wears Prada and The Holiday were all viewed in 2 days. One night I let The Hus choose and no surprise, he chose to start the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Extended version.... Let me just say 2 things, A) those movies aren't bad. Two thirds of the way through, six hours later and subtitles on. And B) I'm not sure if I am creeped out yet or thoroughly impressed by the fact that there are gobs of people out there who learn to speak Elvish (sorry fans if that's the wrong name for Elf-talk.) I must admit I am borderline becoming a LOTR fans. ( that's right, I totes just acronymned that crap.) But not so much that I'm going to inscribe something Elvish on my Tiffany Co. necklace. Not yet anyway. But who knows the trilogy's not over yet... I've got one more movie and probably 4 more hours to devote to that.

Anyway, here is what my life looks like right about now. Welcome, to the study. That's right, boxes, surfboards, toys, oh and uh, don't forget the potty training potty. Yikes. I hope you all feel my pain and forgive my mini hiatus.

Lovely piles of clean clothes on the stairwell, that look like garbage bags.... My life is literally a mess right now. I don't think I've eaten so many donuts and cookies ever in my life. We all cope different ways, right? Totally normal. Right?

But really, the views not half bad. Honestly, I'm thrilled. I wake up every morning happy, that we own this place and I am NOT a morning person.



Ok and last but not least, I am going to announce the giveaway tomorrow! I'm excited for the winner.... Who ever you are!

xoxo, Janean

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  1. laughed at all the LOTR stuff. Because you KNOW i feel ya!


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