Monday, June 4, 2012

Make It Monday: Summer Trends: Cover Ups and Jewelry

I love Summer. I love the smell of sunblock and chlorine. I love the way my air-dried hair perfectly waves and curls and looks great with no effort. I love what the salt air does for my skin and freshens my face. I love a sun kissed cheek and freckled nose. I love the excuse to not wear makeup, because I look "beachy." I love being able to wake up, throw on a swimsuit, tank top and flip flops and walk out the door. I love how the sun wont set until 8pm and babes play all day long. I love watching my kids get super duper sandy. I dont even care if the wee one eats some. I love getting into my pajamas by taking off my swimsuit.  I love beach bonfires from dusk til dark. I love to watch the fog roll in. I love that playing all day gives everyone a great nights sleep.
There is just something about Summer. From the clothes to the sunglasses. From the beach to the pool. I cant get enough. But really I love every season, mostly for the fashion. I am currently mulling over what Im going to wear on our fab vacay (possibly staycay, since we DO live in San Diego) and I have put together a little inspiration. These just look so effortless and dreamy. Now, all I need is a major spray tan, oh, and a perfect Victorias Secret Model body.

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  2. I love summer for light layers of clothing and just being able to slip into flip flops on my way out the door. Wearing jewelery and lots of it just because it can actually be seen is also great. Family outings, spending all day at the beach without a worry in the world. Ahh summer!


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