Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Confessions

I must admit, I love Sunday Confessions. Theres just something that has to be said about being yourself. I love that you guys get to know the real me. Im not about being all fake, and pretending that everyday is perfect and wonderful. Granted, its a happy home (most days) and I do try my best, but hey, Im trying. And with trial comes error. With that in mind here are few of my confessions.

I have an affinity for the most trendy music. For example, I love Justin Bieber. I even know, that I would call myself a "Belieber." On that same note, I think it is hilarious that Clay Aiken fans call themselves "Clay Mates." Which brings me to this predicament, after watching this seasons Celebrity Apprentice, I would call myself a fan of Clay Aiken. So does that mean, by default, I, am a Clay Mate?!? I sure hope not.

I hate eggs, love french toast.
How is this even possible?

Whilst talking to The Hubs, as we (he) was repainting the walls in our condo back to white. I told him that I was glad we got to make all of our interior design mistakes in our rental. He corrected me by saying, "experimented" in our rental, babe. I love that guy.

I like to make up funny names for my kids like, "onesie poopsie boobie baby" and "booga looga" and "chicky doodle bop" and "bugga lug" and "chick poo." Catch my drift? And I like it when they make names up too. But today I kinda got thrown off guard when my kid said to the baby "hey, you cute little douchey." "AAAHHHH! Christian, dont say that! Oh my gosh. I'm just glad we werent in public. But now, of course, he thinks its funny. So, I am apologizing in advance.
Sorry if you hear this one at chruch today anyone.

Xoxo, Janean Pin It


  1. I really love your blog. Maybe you are agree following each other?! :)

  2. Hahahaah! Christian!! PS where do you have black walls? What Colors are you going to paint the new place anyway?


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