Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Suite Giveaway & Coupon

I havent been much of a scrap booking person. I dont know why, maybe I just never had the right tools. I always thought of it as more of a traditional style as far as aesthetics go. And I like more modern and current stuff. Well, this product sure has changed my mind. The kind people over at My Memories have let me have a spin in their Lamborghini of design programs. The test drive went so well, that I am now a convert to using digi scrap. This program is awesome! And the best part is, they are giving me one to GIVEAWAY as well. You lucky dogs.
There are so many awesome and amazing functions with this digital scrapbook software. My favorite, is the ability to create and design your very own photo book, and have it printed and bound into a real book, all through the program. Super cool. Heres a little peek at what I did and my favorite features.. so far.

This photo is to demonstrate that you can design the look of the spine of your book. Which I thought was actually a pretty rad feature.

Here I am showing the cover that I designed. I made the shapes with the shape editor feature, which I LOOVE.
This feature is so freaking cool. I'll talk more about it in a bit.

This picture is of a picture layout page. I really like that you can easily upload your own personal photos into already pre-designed shapes and sizes. This is a major plus and great for precise design. No guessing on what looks good where or how to space it perfectly. Its already done for you.

Here is another design I made up using the program. I love the look of these square chains. It has a great modern feel. I got the idea from some rugs that I like. The nice thing about designing a page your self is that you dont have to start from scratch every single time. You can just add a "duplicate page" from one of the menus. Super easy.

 I wanted to show what it looks like when you go to order a book. I was surprised at how easy this was, and was curious to find out what the price was. My 12x12 book I made, came up as $22. Not bad.

Lastly, I wanted to show you how the shape editor feature works. I think it is awesome. Below, I started with a ring shape, and then manipulated it, by pulling on the little square nodes or points. This was really fun! Not to mention easy.

This program was a real surprise in its feature and functionality areas. I just loved all the features. It can do so much and I havent even scratched the surface yet. If you are interested in using photoshop or illustrator for your projects, but dont really have the know how, or the $600 for the Adobe suites, then this might just be your next best bet. Its pretty awesome. I cant wait to make things, like cards, invitations, birthday announcements and whatever else my heart desires. I really feel like the only thing holding me back with this program. Is my imagination. For realz.

Now, onto you getting this, for FREE... The giveaway. I love giveaways. Who doesnt like free.. right?
One winner will receive, the full My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software.
To enter:
Go to the My Memories website and leave a comment  telling me what your favorite design is, from the "New Kits" section.
For extra entries:

Now, that is a whole lotta opportunities to win some really cool stuff. I hope you take full advantage. Please leave a separate comment for each entry.
Contest will run through the week. Ends next Wed June 20th

Didnt win? Do not fret..
The rest of you are still winners in my book, even if you dont win this one contest... With that being said if you buy using this coupon code, STMMMS72711 (copy and paste) you get $10 off the product, making it $30 instead of $40 and $10 credit towards the My Memories Suite Store.
Um, super cool. Thats a $20 value!

Good Luck All!!
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