Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sprucin It Saturdays

It's nice that we are "officially" moved out of the old condo. Even though I really, really hated that place most days, a big part of me will miss things about it. Ok, nothing about the place, just the memories that were made there. Oh nostalgia, you dirty dog, you. Anyway, having nothing to take care of over there and only having to worry about the new place is SOOO nice. Today some of the things on the list were to change some lights out, install the dryer and clean a little. Lucky for me The Hus is super duper handy and we're on the same page as far priorities go with getting things done in the new place. Here are some before and and afters of the lights we put up, and the dimmer he installed. He accidentally got the oversized light plates, and I LOVE it. Is it normal to be so in love with a light switch plate? It totally is.



Happy Saturday!

xoxo, Janean

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