Monday, July 2, 2012

Make It Monday: Cheap & Easy DIY Upgrades

Hus has been talkin about replacing the shutters infront of the washer dryer because they are super ugly. I totally agree. Because, really, I love new stuff. So, I was remembering when we were apt hunting back in the day and we went into this condo that was really nice. I had to take a step back, and ask myself, why is this place so nice? What am I liking about this place more than the one we just saw, that had the exact same layout? Then it dawned on me. It was the little details, the crown molding, the new light fixtures, and the new knobs in the bathroom. There were even fancy knobs on the ugly doors over the laundry room. Ever since then, I have been very conscious about those types of details. Insert my brilliant idea. You knew where that was going, didn't you? Anyway, I bought a pack of these knobs a while ago at Home Goods. Honestly, the price could not be beat. A pack of 6 for $8, that was a no brainer. We used them for a while on the custom media console Hubs built a while back. Since we are going to be getting rid of it though, I am salvaging those knobs. For now, until we replace the doors. I am just upgrading them. They originally had those wooden knobs, that have been painted over multiple times and just look gross.

To open the doors all the way to have access to the front and back, there is a little wheel at the top in the track. It is spring loaded, if you just push it down, it will pop out of the track and then you can have the door swing fully open.

Here are our supplies, and what is being replaced. The knob, a washer and a nut.

Once you have access to the front and back, place your knob on, screw it in, on the back, place the washer on, this should help the knob stay in place, and then screw the nut on over that. Super simple, the hardest part was getting the previous painted on knob off, even without the screw, I had to smash it off the door. Pretty ridiculous. But when all is said and done, the results are pretty great for such a small change.


Hope I inspired you to do an easy and of course cheap, yet amazing, upgrade.

xoxo, Janean

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