Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meeting A Famous Blogger aka Feeling Like A Stalker

So, I have been meaning to write this post for a couple weeks now. But with the move and everything, I just havent yet. It all started with me being at church, Nixon, the babe, was going bonkers in the meeting so I took him out into the foyer so he could crawl around and not bother anyone. In the building we meet in, other wards over lap church times and also meet there (wards are broken up by geographical boundaries.) So as I was sitting out there, one of the other wards were getting out of church. I saw these two twin girls that I had never seen before, in our building, but thought they looked super familiar. I thought to myself, where do I know these little girls from? I swear I dont know anyone with twins. I was going crazy, you know like when you see a famous person in another movie, but cant place what else they have been in and it drives you nuts the whole movie? I was totally feeling that. Then it clicked, " Oh, my gosh! Are those the twin daughters from The House of  Smiths blog?"

Then my friend was like, " Well, I dont know the blog, but I know there is a family in that ward that has twins.  Then the inner turmoil started. No, I KNEW these were her kids because one of her twin daughters has a birthmark on her forehead. I remembered it from this post. WHY do I  know this much about someone I have never met?!? How cool though would it be to meet Shelley? But what would I say? What if its not even her kids. Then I decided to look and see if the girls mom was coming down the hall. (stalker mode) "Oh my gosh, its totally her." My friend was out in the hall with me the whole time, she started to urge me to talk to her. " Janean, you should totally say something." "No way. What the heck am I going to say? Hey. I know you dont know me, but... I saw your kids, I really love your blog?"  Right, cuz that doesnt sound stalkery... Then she started walking towards me, she walked right past me. I remember thinking, Hmm, shes shorter in person. (weird) and then I felt a sickening in my stomach. I had missed my opportunity. My heart started pounding... I turned around and tapped her on the shoulder.... Word vomit ensued...
"Hi, I really love your blog."
"Oh, thank you"
"Yeah I saw your kids, and new you had to be here."

(umm, who says that? SO embarrassing)

"Oh, thanks... Whats your name?"
" Janean."
"Oh its so nice to meet you Janean. We're just here visiting my sister."
"How fun. What ward is she in?"
(another dumb thing to say)

Then we talked for like 5 more seconds and she had to leave.

I felt like I had totally botched a great opportunity. What I really wanted to say was

"You are such an amazing blogger, and I really love all that you have done. You have accomplished so much with your blog and are such an inspiration to me. You are one of the reasons I really started to pursue blogging. I love the opportunities that can come from it and think you are a great person and an excellent business woman. I just really started going full force with my blog about 6 months ago. What have you learned that you can share with me?"

But no, I took the stalker, weirdo route and told here I knew who her kids were. So, I am here to try to redeem myself. Shelley, if you are reading this, please tell me, and all  my readers, what are the top 5 pieces of advice you can give to help build a blog? What have you learned along the way and wish some one would have told you?
Basically, if you knew then, what you know now, what would you tell yourself?

Here's to hoping she answers.
xoxo, Janean
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  1. Shelley is so incredibly nice. I've spoken with her a few times and got to know her a little more at the SNAP conference this year. She seriously is one of the sweetest most genuine girls out there. I'm sure she was happy to meet you too!

    1. How fun! Sounds like a great conference, and you're right, she is the sweetest ever.

  2. Wow, Wow, WOW! This is so flattering! Thank you so much for making my whole night... scratch that... YEAR! This was so sweet and almost made me cry! Sorry I couldn't stand and talk longer, my kiddos were pretty much burnt out from church that day. ha!
    I will totally keep your questions in mind for a post one day! I'd love to answer them :)

    1. Get out of town!! Thank you so much for the comment! You're kidding. I made your day?! You are too sweet, a real gem Shelley! I meant everything I said, and will sing your praises even more now! I am sooo looking forward to your answers. And no worries on the kid thing, I totes get that.


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