Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Trends: Reds & Oranges, Lips & Nails

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

So remember when I said I had found the perfect red lipstick for fair skin? Well, it was a MAC brand, and you know what I did? I went to Target to find a budget friendly version. What I came away with was Fire & Ice 720 by Revlon. Just the right shade of red with a hint of orange. Since then Revlon has started its Revlon Expression Experiment Challenges. Inspiring woman to step outside of their comfort zone and try a look they've never tried before. Red lips were for sure out of my comfort zone. And this is right up my alley. I love a good challenge, especialIy a make up challenge. Thats right Revlon, I'll take your challenge.

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I cant believe how lucky I was to find a perfect red lipstick for my fair skin tone. The lipstick, comes in matte which might not be for everyone, but their new Color Burst Lip Butter, comes in a shiny color bursting gloss. Its lovely. You can pair them together or I can even wear the gloss alone, with no other make up at all.

Perfect for summer. Here I am fresh out of the shower sans makeup and my hair thrown in a bun

(a bun. are you surprised?)

I love it! They also have a ridiculously awesome orange lipgloss. Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss, 046 Sizzle Canicule. Do you KNOW how long I have been waiting for a great orangey lip gloss. Look no more! This will be so great for a fresh summer look. Staycay here I come! While we are on the subject of orange for Summer. Revlon also has a great orange nail polish,  090 Sorbet.

Now, orange isnt a color I would normally choose, but here I am, taking risks and challenging myself! I was so pleasantly surprised when I put it on the orange isnt too bright, just the right shade for me. It reminds me of the color of an Orangecicle. Remember those? Yum. They were my moms favorite and I remember we would always get those from the ice cream truck when it came around to the neighborhood. Talk about nostalgia.

You know, now that I am an mom I get super angry when I am at the park with my kids and the ice cream truck comes around. Now, that is just mean. Its like parents have no choice! We are held hostage by the tinkling sounds of ice cream music. Those trickers! Anyway...

Like the ring? I always thought if I ever got a tat (which I wont) that it would probably be something like my husbands name on my ring finger. This is pretty much my version of that. Love that guy. For a while I wanted one with the babes names on it too.. but thought, that might be a little weird, and what if I have more than 2 kids? How many can I stack? I mean, I'm not really much of a ton of jewelry type person anyway. It was turning into a stressful situation that wasnt even a real situation yet...  So, that idea got axed real quick.

And there you have it. Revlon Expression Experiment Challenge accepted, and challenge...Im going to go ahead, and dare I say, passed with flying colors? (pun intended) I think so. Like the looks?

Whats your new fav trend? Tried red lips yet? Do it, I dare you and dont be surprised if you actually LOVE it on yourself.

XOXO, Janean

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