Saturday, July 7, 2012

Home Improvements: Buying A Ceiling Fan Floor Model

First off, look at the view from my patio! Everyday I wake up, and am so grateful for the opportunity to live here. I feel so blessed.


On the not so upside, we went to Home Depot to replace our horrendously old ceiling fan in the living room. I had found the perfect fan. I felt bad spending almost $200 on a ceiling fan, so we went home. I slept on it and after a few days of not being able to get it out of my mind. I decided I was going to make the plunge and buy my dream ceiling fan. We went to Home Depot, only to find that it was so sold out. Bummer! That's ok, right, because we can just have them order us one and we can pick it up in a couple days.... Wrong! It was discontinued. Grrrreeeeaat... Alright, well, let's just get the floor model. Easy enough. So we talked to an associate, he got the fan down for us, was super nice and even gave us a discount on the fan. Granted we had to buy a downrod separately and the remote, but he did discount those things too. Overall we saved about $50. Let me just say, this fan, which we finally got installed the other night turned out to be quite the nightmare. The downrod, was the wrong size and Hus had to saw it down to the right size and drill holes, and then the remote censor that we bought separately had to get shoved up behind the fan in the spa e between the fan and the ceiling. Literally, square peg, round hole. I mean these problems aren't that big of a deal, until you're working on them endlessly, with your arms above your head, in the dark. It's rough business at its finest. Then after all was said and done. We turned on the power.... Yes! Lights work! Whew.


Turn on the fan.... Click click click, no spinning... Ok, so long story short. Some floor models aren't made to spin. After some research, I found out that every floor model, has a tag, the tag that has the price on it. Ok stay with me, on that same tag, if you see a little black oval, next to the sku number, with the letters DNI, that means it WILL NOT spin. Here's our tag, so you can see an example.


No one told us that. How would we EVER know that? Why would they even make floor models not be able to spin? They should want to be able to sell everything in the store right? That's just good business. Hopefully, you can learn from our mistake.. And be aware, when buying a floor model. We even asked, but not all workers at home repair stores are professionals. Can't blame anyone for this really, but learn and move on.

Luckily though this nightmare fan situation, turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We called Home Depot and brought the fan in to return it. This is where it gets good. The returns lady, was so kind. She returned the fan and when we told her we originally got the fan discounted, she said that was ok and refunded us the full price. She said it for our inconvenience. Yay! Um, best customer service ever, Encinitas Home Depot. It totally made our day. We got store credit, but that was perfect for us considering lately were probably the ones paying the rent on that store. Seriously. So, we got ourselves a new fan, which I love and a much needed new garbage disposal.



Today we're installing those and all the light switches and plates. If all goes well with those installations we could be getting some new appliances! Fingers crossed.

Oh and ps, don't u guys love my new rug? 8x10. Home Goods. $300. Steal.



xoxo, Janean


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