Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Ombre Dye: Aka A Dip-Dye Ombre Day

Ombre. Either you love it or you hate it. I personally, love it. The Hus, not so much. I have been very inspired lately with seeing Ombre dyed pieces and decided to try my hand at it!
Heres some of my inspiration:

I decided to do some pillows in blue. Heres what you will need.

A little rit dye and a lot of patience. Basically how you get the different shades of color, or the "Ombre" look, is by dipping each section for different amounts of time. The bottom color, the darkest was in the dye for about 25 minutes. I used 2 small plastic buckets for  this project. One for dipping and one for drying. I started by dipping the bottom first. If you get your fabric wet first, it works much better. The directions are on the Rit bottle or on the website. Hot water and salt is what I used. Then I would dip it a little further for the next section, and so on. I really love the end result. Its like art on the couch and has a cool water color look.

I also wanted to try some ombre dying on clothes. So I grabbed a boring old t shirt that I normally wear as a swim cover up or a day to the park. Its a plain old light purple Roxy tee. Perfect for this project. 
I dipped it the same way, but not as long, the cotton absorbed really fast and well. Then I rinsed the guts out 
of it and hung it upside down outside to dry. I chose upside down so that I could get some color into the top of the shirt without have to worry about getting it too dark. So the color just bled down (up) little by little. It turned out lovely.

Keep in mind that things look MUCH darker when wet and will be lighter colored or less saturated when dry.

Be aware.. This is MESSY. If not careful, you can dye a lot of things, including fingers, counter tops, floors and anything else you touch. I used a plastic fork to stir my fabric in the dye and paper plates to rest it on. Luckily my hands were the only victims here, but that washed off soon enough, sorta.
Hope I inspired you. I cant wait to do more!

xoxo, Janean
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