Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where to Buy Cheap Fabric in Los Angeles aka A Day in LA

One of my dear friends just had a birthday and one of her presents was a girls trip to L.A. while her husband watched her kids. Awesome right?! I know most of you are probably thinking how glamorous that would be, and you could see a celebrity on every corner, and eat at the Ivy and, shop Rodeo. First of all lets get something straight. Every time I watched The Hills, I thought to myself, "Wow. They sure make LA look glamorous, because its NOT." Most of downtown is just a big dirty city and you rarely get to see a celeb. Trust me, I was lookin for The Biebs.  Especially the Fashion District, which is where we went on our day trip. Don't let the name fool you. Remember in Aladdin, the street market? yeah, its kinda like that, only bigger and dirtier, minus the hoards of singing people and a huge parade. Unfortunately, no Genie either. But there are some magical places there. 

We were looking for fabric. Lots of fabric. One of the best places to go? The Michael Levine Loft. They sell fabric by the pound! Amazing, and its $2.50 a lb. I bought a TON of fabric. Im pretty sure I came away with like 20 yards for $15. Ugh. That place just cant be beat. 

We also ventured a little more down the street and stopped by Angels. Another must. We bought some fabulous trim there, a dollar a piece. 

We were saying how we needed to go back to LA every three moths, and then looked at all the fabric we had and decided once or twice a year was enough, or until we use all our fabric. Although, I'm sure we will be back before then. If you are looking for fabric, this is the place to go. Also, the regular Michael Levine store will blow your mind with its fabric choices. Its directly across the street from the Loft. The prices are more retailish but the choices are fantastic.

Afterwards we went to a cafe that her husband recommended. It was in the the Arts District and super busy.
It was totally up our alley and we loved it! It was called Urth. Its in a really cool art decosih bulding next to some loft apartments and design studios. Everything on the menu is organic and delicious!!! I would go back to this place every single time I am in LA. It was that good. We split the tamales and a turkey sandwich. And  they serve fresh juice juice, and you can pick your own concoction. Naturally, I chose carrot-apple, the serving is so large, it was almost a meal in itself. We were happily stuffed out of our minds when we left.

 Urth Caffe.

 The Loot.

 LA bridge.

Babies love lace.

Random wall in Arts District by Urth.

A movie filming we drove by. Lets just say, were pretty sure they were filming this for "adults only."

Anyway we, had a great time and cant wait to go back!
xoxo, Janean
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  1. Ohmygosh our dye jobs!

    That was so fun. Has it been 6-12 months yet?


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