Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hump Day Inspiration: Decorative Letters Beach Inspired Guest Room

Typography is so in right now. Whether its a monogram, a catchy word or a baby's initial over the crib. Letters are in my friends. I totally scored these letters from Target. Go there now! They are in the dollar section. A DOLLAR, people. They are about 8 inches tall by 5 1/2 -8 inches wide, depending on the letter.
Heres what I chose, for the guest room. I have great ideas. Heres some of my inspiration. Now which direction to go in, is the hard part.

Got a fav? Id love your opinion. Im thinking beach inspired room with some eclecticism. Thoughts?

This lamp already hangs in there 

Along with this huge canvas. 
Both from Ikea. Lamp $29 poster $49.
It doubles as an office, all the furniture in the room will be white, probably with some white flowy curtains.. I think.

So, help a gal out. What do you prefer??
xoxo, Janean

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