Tuesday, August 7, 2012

San Diego Zoo Chinese Summer Nights

Right now the zoo is putting on Summer Nights. This years theme is Asian inspired, celebrating the Year of the Dragon. All of the performances, activities and attractions are full of Asian culture, specifically Chinese. We had a great time, minus a few tears, from being scared from the stilt walking warriors and a slip on a cool bridge that water fountains shoot water over. No worries though, ice cream saved the day. Mine, and the babes.

Here's what we saw.

I just threw this one in there because I thought it was hilarious. We had a great time! If you are in the San Diego area I def recommend the Zoo. Right now, it's open til 830 pm. Just a little insider tip, go later in the day. Anytime between 11 and 4 most animals, nap or hide out in the shade, but just around 4 when it starts to get cooler temperatures, almost all of the animals are out and about and very active and playful. It makes the experience far more enjoyable for everyone. Oh and bring lots of water and all kinds of snacks. The food there is expensive, and never quite filling. The Zoo is very hilly and you will most likely get a workout, and work up a sweat. Especially if you're pushing a stroller. We usually bring snacks, water, fruit, granola bars and sandwiches in a backpack. Load up on sunscreen and bring hats. Also, we get prepared for when the sun starts to set and it cools down. It can get quite chilly, so we bring sweaters and a blanket for the baby. Sometimes we need them and sometimes we don't. But we've learned to always be prepared.

I hope these tips help when you make your way to the world famous San Diego Zoo

Xoxo, Janean

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