Monday, September 10, 2012

A Guest Bedroom Brought to you by Ikea

So this post is brought you by me. Ikea didnt sponsor this post, more like we have been sponsoring them lately. Not on purpose either. I wasnt thinking, oh I totally want this room to have an Ikea vibe, but I just happened to already have some things from Ikea that I am using in the space or things that I saw on a recent visit to Ikea that fit the bill.  Heres what I got. Im hoping it turns out well...

Ikea Guest Bedroom

Im really excited to show you guys how this turns out. Although, I am a little stuck on the paint color. I think I will have to see it all together first before I decide. Pics to come soon, once I can steal the ipad back from my child and have enough time to take pictures without anyone crying at me or needing something. Okay, thats never going to happen. So, I will take pics as soon as I fold the laundry thats laying on the bed in there, acting like it owns the place. Sheesh, that laundry.. what a jerk, he NEVER leaves me alone. I cant go anywhere in this house without thinking of him. Quite the bully around here.

Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend.
xoxo, Janean Pin It

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  1. The curtains are too cute. I want that in my new home in apartments in alexandria va.


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