Friday, September 21, 2012

Familia Bedelia

Fam bam is in town this week and I couldn't be more thrilled (read stressed.) I just want everything to be perfect. I want to have the house nice and cozy and homey. It's totally the perfectionist in me, and those darn Martha Stewart magazines that I love so much that are inspiring me to work my butt off. I want the house spotless, the bathroom full of clean towels, the laundry washed with plenty of clean sheets, the night stand to have water bottles and fresh flowers, mints for my guests the fridge full and brimming with a plethora of delicious food choices. Oh and did I mention, all the boxes still aren't unpacked, there's like 3 left. And my house isn't near as ready decorated or spruced up as I'd like it to be since moving in. And on top of that, I'm blogging aka procrastinating. So, wish me luck on getting everything perfect. Ha. The good news is, most of the week they are staying in Anaheim at the fabulous Disney Grand Californian Hotel, while they visit Mickey and the gang. It was a really nice and beautiful hotel. I totally would recommend it. I went down yesterday for a visit and considered staying the night and joining them at Disneyland the next day. But after we swam in the pool, did the water slide, toured Downtown Disney, bought some Legos and built race cars at the Lego store and ate at a nice restaurant, I decided to tell my kid that we actually did spend the day at Disneyland and called it good. Better revel in the fact that he doesn't know any better while I still can. Decided to drive home at about 10 pm and got stuck in parking lot type traffic for a good 30 min, because really, I'm not sure what else California is famous for. Then to top it off, someone who hates all of the Orange and San Diego County residents, and probably their job, decided to close the freeway down to one lane. And not just for like 10 miles, but for at least 30 miles. I'm not quite sure how this kind of garbage happens to me, but at least the babes were asleep and not screaming the whole time because that just would have been too good to be true. In other news I built a fort for my children to try and keep them contained while I cleaned the house. That lasted for a hot minute, and they were over it. On the bright side though, one of my crafts, an adult tutu tutorial that I used last year for my witch costume at Halloween has been lighting Pinterest on fire. It makes me happy to see that I'm quite possibly making a dent in this little blogging world. Granted it may be small, but a dent nonetheless. Well, I should go and do something productive, those dirty stairs are just begging to be vacuumed! Why they just can't lower their standards, I'm not sure, but off I go.
xoxo, Janean
Love me a good photo bomb. Espesh when it comes with light up Mickey ears! Lol. Who is that kid?!
Bought this to do a review on it. I dropped a good $20 on it, and, honestly, I love me a good magic eraser. Will buy them over any sponge, any time. But the mop, not any better than any other mop I've used before. Maybe its because there is no soap scum on my kitchen floors. Results are in. Not worth the money.

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