Friday, September 14, 2012

How To Make Your Face Glow

Happy Friday Ladies & Gents! (any gents really read this??)
Recently I was asked by a friend "How do you do your make up like that? Your skin glows!" Ha. I was so flattered I was down right embarrassed. I have prided myself on the fact, that I do, indeed, clean up fairly well. I wouldn't say I'm the most gorgeous girl in the room, but I sure know how to put on some makeup. Growing up I had really horrible acne, and I went to the dermatologist all the time. I tried everything under the sun. I am pretty sure I was the first person to try out Proactiv. This was 14yrs ago people... So, yeah, probably the first. At the time Proactiv did not work for me. I tried it all, the natural pills, the face washes, the Retin-A. Heavens. It wasn't until I went on Accutane that it finally cleared up to a manageable position. But even in my late 20's I still struggle with getting great skin. I think though one of the things that helps is my foundation. I dont use liquid foundation anymore.  I used it ALL the time as a teenager. Did they have anything else back then? If they did, I didn't know about it. I have been using BareMinerals for about 10 yrs now. I have tried other things, but this is great for my sensitive skin. I don't break out when I use it and the coverage is fair. The color I use for my fair skin, is in the light range. I switch between the Golden Fair and Fairly Light. Golden Fair more for Summer and Fairly light more for Winter.

I think thats a good base for "the glow" as she calls it. But I also know how to contour. Here are a few face "maps" for where and how to contour. Contouring brings definition to your face. Highlighting cheek bones and all the right angles.

I usually brighten up around my eyes, using a concealer or right now, I use the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer & Brightener.
It helps keep my eyeshadow stay on longer, and brightens under my eyes. I put it all over my eyes. up to my brows and under where your "dark circles" would be, if you had any, but none of us do, right?? Espesh when we stay up all night with a screaming baby. Nope, fresh as a daisy.
Then I move onto my blush. Right now, I am using a really peachy color, and a really pinky color. Both by MAC.
The first is blusher, but its older and I think they dont sell it anymore. But it looks like they may have replaced it with Supercontinental.
The pinkier one is Dollymix.

Sometimes I use them separate and sometimes I mix them together. But I ALWAYS go over them with a highlighter. I like to use this very cheap, yet super effective pallet from Elf cosmetics. Its called golden bronzer. It costs $3. THREE dollars people.You can find it at Target. Worth it just for one use. But that wont be the case, because you will LOVE it. I use it it in all the highlighting places, shown in the face map.
And I use the darker colors in the darker spots on the map. I dont do my neck, just cheeks and forehead. And I dont do dark under my eyes, unless Im doing smoky eyes or something.
Then I do my eyeshadow. I try to do lighter colors in the corners of my eyes and at the brow like the picture above. Here is a perfect example. 
Lighter eyeshadow right under the brow and in the corners of the eye. I try to put a little shimmery shadow under the eye as well. Just a tad, and in a golden color. A shadow color I like, is the ivory color in the Inspired pallet, by Revlon.

Then you can put whatever color you are going for in the crease and on the lid. Theres no wrong answer there and lots of freedom. Mix, match, blend, bright, dark. You decide. Next I move on to my eyeliner. I usually go for a dark brown black, or black. I rarely put liner or mascara on the bottom of the eye unless Im going for a more dramatic look.
Here are a few eyeline examples. Some for everyday and some for fun. I like a little variety.

Then I always use an eyelash curler. You can spend a lot or a little, but I tend to lose mine, a lot. So, I buy the cheap ones at Target, for like $3.
The one pictured, is actually elf brand, and it retails for $1.50. Totally worth it.
The mascara Im obsessing over right now, is London Rimmel Extra WOW. I really, really love it. I think it makes my lashes seem longer and fuller. Um, hello. What more can you ask for from a mascara. I found it at Target, I think it was like $7.

Moving on,  I do my brows. You can read about how I feel about my brows here. I am in major love with MAC brow pencil, color: Fling.
Your color will vary depending on your brow and hair color, but the girls at the MAC store or counter can help with that.If youre not familiar with how brows should be done, here is a great helpful image.

The first dark line, is where they should start, the white line. is where they should arch, and the last dark line, is where they should end. Oh and word to the wise, NEVER tweeze the top of your brows. Unless, I guess ofcourse they are out of control up to your forehead. In that case, go get them waxed or threaded for guidance, and then do the upkeep yourself from there.

 And last but not least and something super important... Lip gloss. Or lipstick or whatever you use. I dont know about you, but I do not feel put together unless I have lipstick on. I am pink fan, although, I am interested in trying out the nude thing as well. But for right now, I really like pink and coral colors and I really love this gloss from Bath and Body Works. I like that its mentholated and has the perfect amount of shine and color.

Those last two pics are just examples of how my makeup looks when Im all finished so you can have a visual of it all put together.

And heres some music for your weekend. Love me some J.B.

Happy Friday!
xoxo, Janean.

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  1. You're gorgeous! Love the tips and was cracking up at your fresh as a daisy comment :) I'm loving Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl for my under-eye area.


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