Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top 25 Halloween Ideas

Over the last year  I have been accumulating tons and tons of Halloween ideas. Thanks to Pinterest it has been really easy. It has also been easy to see which ideas are the most popular. Last year I posted my spur of the moment Frankenstein Pudding cups. My nephews were coming over for a family dinner and I wanted to make the treats, safe for one of my nephews who is DEATHLY allergic to peanuts, but I also wanted it to be festive and halloweeny. I went to vanilla pudding and oreos and turned them into a cute Frankenstein army of pudding! I loved it, the kids loved it and best of all it was safe and fun! I posted it on the blog and to Pinterest and it has been one of my biggest Pinterest hits! With hundreds of repins.  Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought it was high time to break out a list of what I have seen to be most popular on the web! I hope it gets you in the spooky spirit and your creative juices flowing! I LOVE Halloween and all things Fall. Crisp air, sweaters, boots, tights, cardigans, scarves, pumpkin spice candles, hot chocolate. I love it all. Oh and dont froget to enter the Delphiadees Minky Blanket or Bib set giveaway. Ends this week!
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With out further ado, your list. Xoxo.

1. Frankenstein Halloween Treats: Vanilla Pudding & Oreos
via How I Keep Sane

2. Candle Cluster: Paper towel & toilet paper rolls, hot glue, spray paint and battery operated tea lights from the dollar store.

3. Monstrous Pumpkins: using clear plastic ornaments, paint and  black and white craft foam for the eyes.

4. Eyes in the Bushes: Toilet paper & paper towel rolls, and glow sticks. Hide in bushes.

5. Plastic Cauldron Turned Antique: Mix oatmeal, sand, water and glue for texture. Wait til dry and paint.

6. Paper Plate Skeleton

7. Childrens DIY Dinosaur Costume: Felt & a hoodie.

8. Monster Pudding Cups: Pudding & Sprinkles

9. Fancy Spider Webs: Doily, embroidery hoop, spray paint, balck ribbon, fake spider.

10. DIY Cupcake Costume: Upside down lampshade, cotton, sticky foam strips.

11. Painted Pumpkins
Via: Whatever

12. Fall Centerpieces: Candles, hurricane, & corn as a vase filler.

13.  Fall Party: Chalkboard contact paper for labeling. You can find Chalkboard Contact Paper
, online.

14. Foil Tubing Pumpkins: Foil tubing, paint, dried moss, cinnamon sticks.
Via: Unkown
(if you know the source, please let me know. thanks!)

15. Tomato Cage Ghosts: Tomato cages, christmas lights, sheets.

16. Gourd Lanterns: Gourds, Christmas lights.

17. Mummy Pumpkin: Cheese cloth, glow in the dark paint, medium googly eyes.

18. Fancy Doily Mask: Doily, (or lace) fabric stiffener, rhinestones, elastic

19. Ghost Cookies: Nutter Butter cookies, white chocolate, mini choc chips.

20. Apple Ghosts & Jack-O-Lanterns: White chocolate, food coloring, apples.

21. Black & Gold Pumpkin Address: Spray paint, pumpkins, vinyl

22. Pumpkin Drink Holder: Pumpkin, punch bowl, ice, drinks.

23. No Mold Jack-O-Lanterns: Silica gel packets from shoes.

24. Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treats: Rice crispy treats, food coloring, black licorice.

25. Coffee Filter Wreath Garland & Spooky Prints: Coffee filters, black ribbon, doilies, curtain rod, clips, prints spritzed with coffee.

Hope you're inspired, I know I am! 
xoxo, Janean

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  1. Hello!!

    oh my god that child dress as a dinosaur :') CUTE OVERLOAD! The rice crispie pumpkins looks so cool too. I wish we celebrated Halloween like this over here!

    You now have a new follower, my GFC is Pretty In Pink :)

    Let me know if you stop by!

    Sara @ http://pretty-in-pink-blog.com


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