Friday, October 19, 2012

Buying a bathing suit online from DownEast Basics. Easy Peasy.

Dear Friends,
I will be spending the day with these folks, hopefully tomorrow, as I attend a taping of one of my fav shows. The Voice!
Oh and a few of my girlfriends, of course.
But in the meantime as you stew with jealousy, let me put your anger at ease and let you in on a little secret. Buying a bathing suit online isnt the horror that its cracked up to be. Of course you would think, WHO would buy a bathing suit online? I barely like trying them on at the store and have to try on about 20 different tops and bottoms to find something thats not only flattering, but also fits. UGH. Its a nightmare for sure. But I did it! I bought a swim suit online just last week. Right now, DownEast Basics is having a HUGE sale on their suits. Tops are $15 and bottoms $5. Now you do have to pay about $7 for shipping and sales tax. But it is SOOO worth it. This is the one I bought.

And I bought the matching bottoms too.  And I LOOOVE it. It fits perfectly!!At first I was super hesitant but really thought it was a great deal and needed a new tankini. This one looked super cute, so I just followed the size guide. I took my measurements which is CRITICAL, when you are trying to follow the chart, and low and behold, their chart was SPOT on. Kudos to you DownEast. Kudos. I was so happy, I was thrilled. I really didnt think it would actually be the right sizes from the chart, but it totally was and it makes me for sure more inclined to buy more things from them in the future online, not just swimwear, but they also have really cute tops, skirts and dresses and all are pretty modest which is great. I have bought from them in the past, because they usually have awesome deals on a lot of stuff.  So, when they do I will keep you posted. Here are a few swimsuits that I also think are cute. Hurry up though because they are flying off the shelves, with these deals, are you surprised?

Now its late and I need to hit the hay for The Voice! Im so stoked! I will keep you guys posted!
xoxo, Janean

*this post was not in anyway sponsored by DownEast or Modbe. This is my honest and happy opinion. xo Pin It

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