Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Iron On T-Shirt Vinyl

In the past I have used my Silhouette to make stencils with freezer paper so I could use fabric paint or bleach on clothes for the boys. I still love doing that, but recently I have started drawing images in Photoshop and then using iron on vinyl! Hello! Genius! WHY have I NOT done this BEFORE???? Way easier! And I love the way it turns out, and anyone, I mean anyone, can do it. Just open photoshop and draw your image, or I imagine you could scan in an image your child has drawn.

Which would be super awesome and they would looove it! Next save the image as a jpeg, open it in your silhouette program. Then flip the image horizontally, it has to be backwards when it cuts out but then when you place it,. its forwards, and the right way. Make sense? And then use the TRACE feature, its in the top right. I circled it here. Select you image by drawing a square around it, kinda like cropping. It will choose the lines of your images that will be cut out. When you are drawing, try to make all your lines connect so that you will only have to peel out one image, and not a ton of little ones. Refer to my image to see what I mean. There are no separate images, the fire and the hand are both attached to the main dragon image.

And then you are ready to cut. Send your image to the silhouette and make sure to select the correct settings. Iron on vinyl is simple, its just like regular vinyl, it peels off the backing. Except you cut ON the vinyl, not the back plastic part.
And you iron it on! I picked up a few shirts from H&M, they are only $5 and honestly I think the quality is far better than Targets $5 shirts. I used black vinyl and white flocked to make matching shirts for the big bro and the mini.
 I really like the black smooth vinyl. I really wanted these images to keep the hand drawn effect, and I think that this accomplishes it best.
 An example of what the vinyl looks like once the image is peeled off.

 Then go crazy with your drawings and iron ons!!

The skys the limit!! Cant wait to show the boys they will be so excited! The great thing about this is that you only have to draw the image once and then store it on your computer and you can use it over and over!

Hope I inspired you to be creative especially with Halloween right around the corner!
xoxo, Janean

And Ps going to The Voice was fantastic! I am sworn to secrecy so I cant say anything about it, except if you get the chance, then go! It was so much fun and I really enjoyed all 15hrs of our day, only 5.5 of which were taping. Maybe you will see me on tv next spring?? I will let you know...

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