Thursday, October 25, 2012

Easy DIY Halloween Costume Dinosaur

So I wanted to make a costume for the mini and thought a dinosaur would be adorable. So I went out to Target got myself a plain circo hoodie for $8. I chose dark blue for the hoodie, and went over to JoAnns for some turquoise felt. The felt was 25 cents a sheet and I bought 2 sheets which was plenty.

So this costume cost me $8.50 and turned out fantastically cute. I couldnt be happier. Here's how I did it. Folded the felt sheets in half and cut out triangle pieces in varying sizes.

 I chose bigger to smaller. Then folded the sweater in half and layed out my pattern, so I knew where to pin the traingles (diamonds.)

Then I pinned down the triangles, and just sewed them down, open, in the middle of the sweater on one side of the seam.

Make sure that you sew all of your pieces on the same side of the seam, I didnt and one had kept falling over so I had to hand sew it down. So, learn from my mistake.

Then I  folded the triangles and sewed the pieces shut.

 Voila! Then have a pant-less photoshoot outside because its 80 degrees a week before Halloween. Ridiculous, but super cute!

This was really easy, and took me maybe an hour from start to finish. Perfect for a last minute costume!!!  But it was really simple and not complicated at all. A beginning sewer could definitely do this. Let me know if you have any questions!!
xoxo, Janean Pin It


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