Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Easy DIY Lace Mask for Halloween Costume

For Halloween this year, I am planning on being, well, maybe I shouldnt tell quite yet. But I am super excited about my costume and think it will be pretty cool. I have decided to wear a mask with it. But not your normal everyday run of the mill mask. I wanted a super elegant mask, very feminine, and super classy. I really love the look of the lace masks I have been seeing online. Here is where I drew my inspiration from.
Now, these masks can cost you a pretty penny, if you want to buy one, but, why not MAKE our own. For cheap?

I started with some greenish lace that I already had, but lace is readily available at all fabric stores and is pretty cheap too, depending on how intricate it is, but simple lace, cheap. I picked up a cheap plastic mask from Joanns for $2 for the shape and eye placement. I seriously did consider though, skipping the plastic mask and making a paper mache mold from my own face. Then I realized how ridiculous that was and decided to eat the $2. Worth it! And last but not least, Fabric Stiffener. This was the fabric stiffener I bought, Stiffy. Worked great, although it did cost $7 and the bottle is huge, way more than I needed for this project and I'm pretty sure you can buy small bottles at most fabric stores for like $2. Alas, this was all Joanns had so I bought it.
I placed a square of lace over the mask to see how much I needed, cut it out and then cut the shape the way I wanted the mask to look, while laying it over the plastic mask. So that I knew where to cut. This was fairly easy. Once I had the shape I wanted and the eye holes cut out, I poured about two capfuls of Stiffy on a ceramic plate, dipped my lace in it and squeezed off the extra. Then I draped it on the mask while it dried so it would take its shape. I let mine dry on a paper plate, just so none dripped off onto the counter. Although, even if it had, it would have been easy to clean since Stiffy is waterbased.
As soon as it was dry, which took about 2 hours, I had my mask.Oh and it dries clear. I was worried it might not. but it totally did.

With a little clear stretch elastic for the band, it will be complete! Im really stoked about it and think it turned out great! You could also just use the elastic band that came with the plastic mask, which would be easier, but hey.

In other news, I can't stop buying Legos for my child who loves them with all his heart, but really isnt old enough for them yet. We just buy the little things, like this helicopter for example. It took us about 10 minutes to assemble it together and it took him about two minutes to decide he wanted the cock pit open and took the whole thing apart. Ugh. Honestly, if I see pieces on the floor, I just throw them away... Just lookin out for the baby. Worst mom ever?

Oh, and I had to treat myself to some Halloween Oreos. I love Oreos, never buy them though, but it is Halloween. And really, who can resist those cute little super festive black and orange cookies? Not me. They would look great with this project!

Hope your having a great Wednesday!
xoxo, Janean Pin It

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