Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

So, I was at Target yesterday looking for some holiday decor items, and I picked up a few, but really wanted to get a wreath. On the cheap side those things are 25 dollars if you dont want something puny. Come on, and they werent even that cute for that price. Not everyone has forty dollars to just throw at a wreath. So, I went home and made one, of course.

I used two 9ft garlands. You can buy them at Target for four dollars, and an 18 in'  wreath frame. I wrapped the wreath around the frame and used wire to attach it to the frame. I used thin jewelry wire, because that is what I had on hand, but you can use floral wire too. Then I just stuck in some fake berries I had and some ribbon to make a bow. SUPER easy! No, hot glue burning yourself or super gluing your fingers together, this one is a no muss, no fuss (?) type of project. For the REALLY not crafty person. What I love best about it too, is nothing is permanent so you can change it next year and its massive!!

Here is an amazon link to a wreath frame, because you know, Michaels is out of stock right now!

Happy Holidaying!
XOXO Janean

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