Thursday, June 23, 2011

DIY Feather Earrings

So I have been wanting to jump on the
 feather earring bandwagon for a while now, 
and I thought to myself, where better to look than Etsy? 
Well, little did I know that feather earrings on Etsy 
were going to cost me a pretty little bundle. 
Around 30 bones, so I got to thinking, 
why not MAKE some?

Duh, Janean. 
 I've got boxes of feathers lying around. 
I know what you're thinking, 
who's got boxes of feathers lying around? 
Well, I did. 
So, let me just say, I was pleasantly surprised
 by the ease and cheapness 
(sure its a word) 
of this project.

You will need:


I just bought a big mixed bag at Michaels
for like 4 bucks or something

Jewelry wrapping wire
 (I found 24 gauge worked best for me)


Earring hooks.

Find some feathers, layer them on top of each other, 
hold em steady (this part gets tricky) 
and start wrapping. 
Wrap a little first and then try and make the 
hoop hook part that will attach to the earring hook, 
then wrap some more. 
Cut any excess pokey wire and smash it down flat. 
Then hook to a dangle earring hook.

(At first I did this messy wire wrapped look,
but then thought it looked "homemade",
so I made some cleaner ones,
 as seen in the grey earring pic,
but I actually like these messy ones better.
Which is good, they're easier)

Easy Peasy. 
I made 5 or 6 pairs in an hour. 
Oh ps. If you dont have wire cutters or cant find them 
(like i couldnt) 
fingernail clippers work great fyi.
Literally these earrings cost like 
20 cents to make.
Happy Crafting,
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