Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Silhouette aka Makes Crafting Life Easier

Dear Friends,
I would just like to go out of my way to GUSH about this little beauty. The Silhouette.
As one of my friends put it, "it pretty much rocks the party." So true, ladies and gents, so true. I have used it for many crafts, but by far my favorite is the 'freezer paper used as a stencil' idea. Follow this tutorial from here to see what I mean. (There's plenty of tuts out there but this one is my fav.)
What I love most about this machine is that you can make your own designs fairly easily. I find an image I like, save them as JPEGs to my desktop, open them in Silhouette, use the "trace" feature, "import to my library", and then click on the traced image or images so they come up on my Silhouette editing page. Then I add text or other images to make it my own. Here are some examples of what I made:

These are plain white baby onesies dyed with black RIT dye.
Follow the washer directions on the bottle. E-Z.

These 2 red shirts were purchased together on sale at Target for $3.50 I think.
That's right, for BOTH.

Not bad for a couple bucks right?
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