Monday, July 25, 2011

You Guys..

As in "OMG, you guys."
(read with a thick Valley Girl Accent for full effect)
My life is so crazy right now, its not even funny. First on the list, I feel ginormous, being 33 weeks pregnant, I'll spare you the proof.
Second, as previously stated, we are shopping for homes, not my favorite kind of shopping, but it will do for now. And thirdly, we are potty training. Life over here is a battle, as I can barely pick up anything off the ground, which doesnt lend itself well to a clean house. So, lately we have been dealing with the banks (short sales and foreclosures), lots of paperwork, lots of walking around, lots of poo buns wiping (thats been going on for a while) and lots and lots of swimming and beach days, that last part I can deal with. I have so many projects that "need" to get done before the baby comes, but in between looking at homes, letting my mind run wild with what I might do to them, and trying to run the household I live, and trying to stop myself from thinking what more can be done in the home were in (since we're "possibly" moving), my life has been too much for me to handle, to say the least. And I just keep getting bigger...
On the bright side of things, there are some fabulous ideas out there that I can just not wait to apply to where ever we end up... ending up. ha. Please, be my guest, and see for yourself.

Seriously, super stoked to hang holiday wreaths. If all goes well, Halloween will be the first. Dont worry, I will post a tut of whatever I do..

Some fabulous furniture "re-doing."
Just look at that gradient dresser. What a fabulous idea.

I have got some serious plans for the kitchen.
This molding and white on white just makes me swoon.
Totes doing it!!

Come, be my guest, you will have a lovely little side table, adorned just like this.
I looooove it.
And the fact that we could actually have a guest room.. yipee!

What a delicious bathroom.
I am in love with the molding, chandelier and neutral tile, but I think we would lose those grandma valances over the tub.

Also, just want a give a little shout out to all my readers.. thanks guys!

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