Friday, July 15, 2011

Brass Nuts Bracelet Tutorial

I saw the above image on pinterest and was inspired to make my own.

I picked up some turquoise suede at Michaels 8yds for $5. I first looked for it in the jewelry section and it was much more expensive, so I went to the leather section and found better deals there, just fyi. The brass nuts are from Home Depot and the bags were about a $1 each, they come 8 in a bag, so I got three and used 24 nuts.

Each piece was 30 inches long (make room for error) and I tied it off and then pinned it to a pillow to anchor it while I braided. When I started to braid in the nuts I found it easier if I loaded them on the leather first and braided them in as I went. The nuts went on easier if I got the string wet (like sewing.)

I alternated the nuts while I braided, as you can see here. I found it very difficult to keep control of the braid if I "braided the nuts" so alternating worked best for me.

I used all the nuts and then braided the rest of the string.

At the end I tied off the ends, used some gold 24 gauge wrapping wire to secure the ends and used jump rings to put through the knot and attached toggle pieces, which I also purchased at Michaels.

I love the way it turned out. Perfect for summer.
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