Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Make Up Looks & Trends

Braids, Bronzer and Nails.
This summers hottests trends.

A lovely half-up braid hair style.

I painted my nails yellow and I think they make me looker tanner... is that a weird thought? Well, they did, and lets face it, I need all the help I can get to looker tanner. I bought the cheap nail polish bc I cant stand to spend more than $2 on nail polish. But I wish I would have splurged, bc it took like 4 coats to get a good solid color. So dont say I didnt warn you.

This trick with the print, I believe the chick used like a nude or beige polish, let it dry, dipped her nails in VODKA, and then put a strip of newspaper over the nails and the letters printed on. Then she used a clear top, and had a drink (jk.)
Kinda cool.

Fabulous summer makeup. What excellent use of bronzer.

Cheetah print is def in, you can find tutorials for this ALL over youtube. When I did mine, I used a bobbi pin tip for the dotting and it worked great. Also, only painting the ring finger a different color or design, is so in right now.

Braided bangs are still in.. Thank you LC.

And what could be more fitting for the beach or pool than a fishtail braid. This is a super easy braid with amazing results. You can also youtube this type of braid for a tutorial and the french braid in the bangs too. Hope to see you all lookin sexy this summer!
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